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My Company is going to be Closing soon. Can I get Unemployment benefits along with getting Social Security?

Q) My Company is going to be Closing soon. I would like to know if I can get Unemployment along with me already getting Social Security and if I do, will I receive my full Unemployment benefit?

A) You can get unemployment insurance benefits while collecting social security benefits. The Social Security Administration does not count unemployment insurance benefits as earnings. However your unemployment benefit may be reduced based on the benefit amounts you are receiving from the Social Security administration.

Starting unemployment, on dialysis and kidney transplant list. Do I qualifies as an exception to be “able to work”?

Q) I am starting unemployment in PA and, being over 55, expect it will take a while. I am also on a transplant list and expect to be called to get a new kidney soon. Since that will keep me from being physically able to work for at least a month, I was wondering if this… Continue Reading

I am a truck driver needing surgery. Need to take work off. How do I find benefits while I cannot work?

Q) I am a OTL trucker who drives for a small operation in Des Moines, IA. I need colon-rectal surgery soon and I need income while I am off work, having surgery and afterward for recovery. How can I find benefits while I cannot work? A) You may look at applying for Short Term Disability – Short term… Continue Reading

Can I collect unemployment insurance post 65? I was recently laid off from GE

Q) Can I collect unemployment insurance post 65? I was recently laid off from GE A) If you have worked the required hours by your state and was laid off because of no fault of your own, you can receive unemployment benefits. If you are receiving social security benefits any benefits you get from unemployment insurance will… Continue Reading

told by the IL unemployment office that I couldn’t collect benefits, because of getting social security benefits

Q) I owned and managed a retail pet store in Illinois for more than 30 years. I was also an employee, and was paid as such. I paid into unemployment almost my entire working career. I had to start collecting social security early, as I didn’t make much money, and needed the income. I was forced… Continue Reading