My Company is going to be Closing soon. Can I get Unemployment benefits along with getting Social Security?

Q) My Company is going to be Closing soon. I would like to know if I can get Unemployment along with me already getting Social Security and if I do, will I receive my full Unemployment benefit?

A) Whether you can receive both unemployment benefits and Social Security benefits will depend on the laws and regulations in your specific state. In general, receiving Social Security benefits will not automatically disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits, but there may be some restrictions or limitations.

In most states, eligibility for unemployment benefits is based on your recent work history and earnings, while Social Security benefits are based on your lifetime earnings and age. Therefore, it is possible to receive both types of benefits at the same time, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for both.

However, it’s important to note that the rules and regulations regarding unemployment benefits can vary widely by state. Some states may reduce your unemployment benefits if you’re also receiving Social Security benefits, while others may not. You should check with your state’s unemployment insurance program to determine whether you’re eligible to receive both benefits.

Additionally, if you’re already receiving Social Security retirement benefits, you may not be eligible for unemployment benefits. This is because you’re no longer considered “available and able to work,” which is a requirement for unemployment benefits.

In summary, the rules regarding eligibility for both unemployment benefits and Social Security benefits can be complex and vary by state. It’s best to consult with your state’s unemployment insurance program or a qualified professional to determine your eligibility for both types of benefits.

In general you can get unemployment insurance benefits while collecting social security benefits. The Social Security Administration does not count unemployment insurance benefits as earnings. However your unemployment benefit may be reduced based on the benefit amounts you are receiving from the Social Security administration.

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