would like Federal Taxes taken out of my Social Security check for tax reasons

Q) I am not unemployed, but would like Federal Taxes taken out of my Social Security check for tax reasons. I had to pay in a lot this year. I do need an address where I should send this form. Could I get your help please.

A) You can request to have federal taxes taken out of your Social Security check by filling out Form W-4V (Voluntary Withholding Request). You can choose to file Form W-4V with the Social Security Administration requesting a percentage of your monthly benefit to be withheld. You can have 7 percent, 10 percent, 12 percent, or 22 percent of your monthly benefit withheld for taxes, and only these percentages are allowed to be withheld. Flat dollar amounts aren’t accepted.

You can download the form from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website1 or you can call +1 800-772-1213 to request a copy of the form3. Once you fill out the form, you can mail it to your local Social Security office.

Form W-4V, Voluntary Withholding Request, and mail it to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The form is available on the IRS website.

On the form, you will need to indicate the percentage of your Social Security benefit that you would like withheld for federal taxes. The options are 7%, 10%, 12%, or 22%. You will also need to provide your Social Security number and other personal information.

Once you have completed the form, you can mail it to the following address:

Social Security Administration
Office of Earnings and International Operations
P.O. Box 17769
Baltimore, MD 21235

It’s important to note that if you request to have taxes withheld from your Social Security benefits, you will still be responsible for filing a tax return and paying any additional taxes owed.

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