I am a truck driver needing surgery. Need to take work off. How do I find benefits while I cannot work?

Q) I am a OTL trucker who drives for a small operation in Des Moines, IA. I need colon-rectal surgery soon and I need income while I am off work, having surgery and afterward for recovery. How can I find benefits while I cannot work?

A) You may look at applying for Short Term Disability – Short term disability (STD) is a type of financial benefit that pays a percentage of an employee’s salary for a specified amount of time, if they are ill or injured, and cannot perform the duties of their job. Generally, the benefit pays around 40 to 60 percent of the employee’s weekly gross income.

Eligibility Requirements

State temporary disability is usually easier to get than Social Security disability. In the states that provide for short-term disability, here are some general requirements that apply to all of the states.
The worker must have worked a certain length of time before being eligible for benefits, 30 days to six months, depending on the state.
Some states have a minimum earnings requirement.
There is a one-week waiting period before benefits are payable. (You can’t receive benefits until the 8th day you are temporarily disabled).
The illness or injury must be non-work related.
Benefits last no more than 26-30 weeks (52 weeks in California).
The weekly benefit is approximately 60% of your wages.
Pregnant women can receive short-term disability for several weeks for delivery and recovery.
You will need to submit medical records or go to a medical exam to prove your disability.

Source: https://www.disabilitysecrets.com/resources/disability/filing-for-disability/eligibility-short-term-disability.htm

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