I am a retired nurse, I would like to work one or two days a week.

unemployed_personQ) I am a retired nurse of 25 years; I would like to work one or two days a week. I have arthritis and I am not able to work floor duty but would be willing to do any other kind of work. I do walk with a cane at times and walking can be difficulty for me; but a desk job, answering a phone anything like that I would be willing to work. Live in Wellsburg WV

A) There are several options available to you for finding part-time work that accommodates your arthritis and mobility limitations.

  1. You can search for part-time jobs on popular job search websites like Indeed, SimplyHired, and Monster. When searching, use keywords like “part-time” and “desk job” to find suitable openings.
  2. You can also consider contacting staffing agencies that specialize in placing candidates in part-time or temporary positions. These agencies can help match you with employers that fit your requirements.
  3. Another option is to contact local hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to see if they have any administrative or office positions available. As a retired nurse, you may have connections or relationships that can help you secure a position.
  4. Finally, you may want to consider freelancing or consulting in your area of expertise. You can create a profile on freelance websites like Upwork or Freelancer to find short-term projects that fit your skills and experience.

There are may online jobs available that would not require you to leave your home. Insurance companies often times need nurses to call on their clients over the phone. You could look into this type of work as you are a licensed nurse.

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