Looking to attend College, what are my Unemployment Benefits options

Q) I filed a claim in the middle Oct and have been approved for my weekly benefits. I’m looking to attend County College of Morris and would like to know what my options are regarding what assistance I may be eligible for, if any?

A) Congratulations on being approved for your weekly benefits! As for your question about assistance for attending County College of Morris, there may be several options available to you.

One option is to explore financial aid programs offered by the college, such as scholarships, grants, and student loans. You can check the college’s website or contact their financial aid office for more information on the available options.

Another option is to look into workforce development programs that may provide assistance with training and education for job seekers. These programs may be offered through the state or local government, and they may have specific eligibility requirements. You can check with your state’s Department of Labor or workforce development agency to see what programs may be available to you.

In terms of your unemployment benefits, you may still be eligible to receive them while attending school, depending on the rules and regulations of your state’s unemployment insurance program. Some states allow individuals to continue receiving benefits while attending school as long as they meet certain criteria, such as being enrolled in a training program that will increase their employability. You can check with your state’s unemployment insurance program to see what the rules are regarding attending school while receiving benefits.

Overall, it’s important to explore all available options and resources to determine what assistance may be available to you as you pursue your education and career goals.

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