I would like information on how to post the openings on your webpage

unemployed_personQ) My name is Chris W****. I am the Human Resource Assistant for Midwest H*** Services. I currently have multiple openings in Millersburg. I would like information on how to post the openings on your webpage, submit information regarding the employment opportunities with Midwest Health Services, and further my knowledge of your services.

A) Hi Chris,

Thank you for reaching out. I do not have a webpage or a physical location to post job openings. However, I can suggest a few resources for posting job openings and reaching out to potential candidates. You can try posting the job openings on online job boards such as Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. You can also consider reaching out to local staffing agencies or contacting colleges or universities with programs related to the positions you are looking to fill.

I hope this information helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Please call your local unemployment/career center office and enquirer about posting your open positions on their job board. With so many talented people unemployed I am sure you will quickly find the right persons to fill the positions you have open.

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