What hours per week, must a person work in order to receive unemployment?

Q) I was told when filing for my taxes, if a person receives less than 40 hors per week, they are still entitled to unemployment. May I ask, what is the requirements of hours per week, must a person work in order to receive unemployment? Your attention on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

A) The requirements for hours worked to qualify for unemployment benefits vary by state and can also depend on other factors such as the reason for job separation and earnings history. In general, most states require individuals to have worked a certain amount of time and/or earned a minimum amount of wages in the base period, which is typically the first four out of the last five completed calendar quarters before the claim was filed.

In terms of weekly hours, most states do not have a specific minimum requirement but instead consider a variety of factors such as the individual’s prior earnings, reason for separation, and availability and willingness to work. For example, if someone was working part-time and lost their job due to reasons beyond their control, they may still be eligible for unemployment benefits. It’s important to check with your state’s unemployment office or visit their website for specific requirements and eligibility criteria.

Every state has its own rules on unemployment, including how long you have to work to be eligible, how long can receive unemployment compensation, and how much money you’ll get. In most states, however, eligibility for unemployment benefits depends upon how many hours the individual has worked, and how much income the employee has earned in his or her base period. A base period is a one-year period, usually defined as the first four of the last five completed quarters.

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