Trying to figure out how to file for unemployment benefits, was self-employed

I am trying to figure out how to file a claim for unemployment benefits I am unemployed, but was self-employed as a labor hand. Now that this sickness has taken over I cannot get work for anyone and have not been able to for some time I do not know how to go about this but I need help please.

A) Self-employed workers, independent contractors, and freelance workers who lose their income were traditionally not eligible for unemployment benefits. However, the federal government has expanded unemployment benefits to cover self-employed and gig workers.

The Coronavirus Aid, Response, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) includes the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program and the (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation) (PEUC). Benefits will:2 3

Provide unemployment to self-employed workers who don’t traditionally qualify. The amount will be based on previous income, and will vary based on location and benefit guidelines. The minimum PUA benefit rate is 50% of the average weekly benefit amount in your state.
Include supplemental benefits. Eligible workers will receive $600 a week in additional benefits for up to four months, through July 31, 2020.
Provide extra weeks of benefits. There will be an additional 13 weeks of benefits to help those who are still unemployed after they run out of state benefits. The length of state benefits varies based on location, but the maximum is 26 weeks. Total eligibility will be 39 weeks.

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