How do I find my unemployment number? Do I have one if I have never been unemployed?

A) There are two ways to interpret “unemployment number”:

Unemployment insurance (UI) claimant ID: This is a unique identifier assigned to people who file for unemployment benefits after losing their job. If you’ve never been unemployed, you likely wouldn’t have this number.
Employer UI account number: This number identifies an employer’s account for contributing to unemployment insurance. You wouldn’t have this number unless you own or manage a business.
Here’s how to find each type of number:

UI claimant ID: If you ever filed for unemployment benefits, you should have received your claimant ID in the mail or online confirmation when you filed. You can also try contacting your state’s unemployment office ( for assistance.
Employer UI account number: This number would typically be handled by your company’s payroll or accounting department. If you manage a business, you can find your UI account number on statements or communications from your state’s unemployment insurance agency.

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