How long does unemployment last?.

unemployed_personQ) How long does unemployment last?.. I ‘ve worked at my job or almost 18 years . Told I am getting laid off the first of the year.

A) A claim is effective for one year. During the year, claimants can receive from 12-26 weeks of full benefits. The number of weeks varies, based on total earnings during the base period (an individual’s earnings during a 12-month period). During periods of high unemployment, additional benefits may be granted by Congress, or your State Legislature.

In general the length of time that you can receive unemployment benefits varies by state, and it also depends on your individual circumstances. In general, most states offer unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks, although some states may offer benefits for a longer period of time. However, during times of high unemployment, some states may offer additional weeks of benefits. Additionally, the federal government may provide additional weeks of benefits during times of economic recession or other national crises. You should contact your state’s unemployment office to find out more specific information about how long you can receive benefits in your state.

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