Haven’t been able to file for unemployment is there a time limit on filing?

Q) my husband was injured in April of 2015 and was put on workers comp, in Oct they amputated his finger, towards end of Nov they let him go back to work. after my husband got back to work employer started giving him hard time, he was employed there for 5 yrs and had never been in trouble, on Jan 12 they called my husband into the office and told him they didn’t like his attitude, and my husband had replied i know what you are trying to do and i’m not quiting my job, fire me if you must but i’m not quiting, he was on his 3rd 10-10 night shift an hour before he was to clock out the called him to the office again and handed him his final paycheck, since then weave either had bad weather, been sick, or had vehicle problems and haven’t been able to file for unemployment is there a time limit on filing.

A) There’s no time limit for filing for unemployment after losing your job, for example, but if you wait too long your most recent work experience may no longer be available to establish a claim. You also only have a few weeks (usually 21 days) to file an appeal if your claim is denied.


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