How can I get a copy of my work history?

unemployed_personQ) How can I get a copy of my work history

A) If you have worked in the same state since 1960 your state will have a record of your work history. You can then visit your state unemployment office and request your work history. The IRS will also have a complete record of your income reporting from companies for which you have worked. I would also recommend that you visit your local IRS office and request a report of your work history.

Here are some general ways to get a copy of your work history.

  • Contact your previous employers. Your previous employers should have a record of your employment with them. You can contact them and request a copy of your employment record.
  • Request your Social Security earnings information. The Social Security Administration maintains a record of your employment history. You can request a copy of your earnings information by filling out Form SSA-7050.
  • Use your tax returns. If you have filed your taxes in the past, you can use your tax returns to reconstruct your work history. Your tax returns will show the name and address of your employer, as well as the dates you were employed.
  • Use a service that provides employment history reports. There are a number of services that will provide you with a report of your employment history. These services typically charge a fee.

Once you have your work history, you can use it to create a resume, apply for jobs, or track your progress in your career.

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