can I get help setting up my Francis account and possibly help getting my tax statements for 2023

A) There are a couple of possibilities for what “Francis” might refer to based on your question about tax statements:

  • Oregon Francis Online: If you’re in Oregon and need to file for unemployment, you can set up a Francis Online account to manage your claim. There’s a helpful YouTube video that walks you through the process [YouTube video on creating a Francis Online account for new claimants]. You can find more information on the Oregon government website
  • Taylor & Francis Online: Taylor & Francis is a publisher of academic journals and ebooks. If you need to access tax documents, this wouldn’t be the right resource.

To get your tax statements for 2023, it’s best to contact the agency you filed with directly. Here are some possibilities:

  • Federal Tax Return: If you filed a federal tax return with the IRS, you can access your transcripts or prior year tax return online at
  • State Tax Return: You’ll need to contact your state’s Department of Revenue website to access your state tax statements.

If you’re unsure where to file for unemployment or access your tax statements, a quick web search for your state’s unemployment office or Department of Revenue should point you in the right direction.

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