We are off for mandatory holidays. Can I file unemployment ?

unemployed_personQ) We are off for mandatory holidays week long for thanksgiving and two weeks for Christmas. Can I file unemployment for my time off?

A) Whether or not you can file for unemployment during a mandatory holiday depends on the specific circumstances and the regulations in your jurisdiction. In general, if you are an employee and your employer has temporarily laid you off or reduced your hours, you may be eligible to file for unemployment benefits during a mandatory holiday.

However, if you are a contract worker or self-employed, you may not be eligible for unemployment benefits during a mandatory holiday. Additionally, if you are still employed and receiving your regular pay during the mandatory holiday, you would not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

I would recommend that you check the specific rules and regulations in your jurisdiction to determine your eligibility for unemployment benefits during a mandatory holiday. You can typically find this information on the website of your local unemployment office or by contacting them directly.

You are always entitled to apply for unemployment benefits if you have lost your job or partially employed. However keep in mind that The general requirement for unemployment insurance benefits is:

Have received enough wages during the base period to establish a claim.
Be totally or partially unemployed.
Be unemployed through no fault of his/her own.
Be physically able to work.
Be available for work which means to be ready and willing to immediately accept work.
Be actively looking for work.
Meet eligibility requirements each week benefits are claimed.
Be approved for training before training benefits can be paid.


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