Pin incorrect, called every number available to speak to an agent

unemployed_personQ) I received a letter saying I was eligible for UI and to make my first claim on February 7th. I did so online. It told me my pin was incorrect (it wasn’t) and to call. I tried to claim by phone. Each time it tells me I need to speak to an agent. Tuesday through Friday, for the last three weeks, I have called every number available to speak to an agent. I don’t even get put on hold to wait. It tells me that due to the high volume of calls, I need to call back. I call at least three times a day and get the same message. Now I am trying to find a location for an office in my area. I call the numbers listed online and it just rings with no answer. What is going on?

A) I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble getting through to the unemployment office. Unfortunately, many state unemployment offices are experiencing an extremely high volume of calls and inquiries due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some suggestions you can try:

  1. Keep trying to call the unemployment office. It may take many attempts to get through to someone, but persistence can pay off.
  2. Try calling during off-peak hours. Some offices may have shorter wait times early in the morning or late at night.
  3. Check the unemployment office’s website for information on how to contact them. Some offices have a chat feature or an email address where you can ask questions or request assistance.
  4. Consider reaching out to your state representatives or senators for help. They may be able to advocate on your behalf or provide additional resources.
  5. Look for local organizations that offer assistance with unemployment benefits. For example, some community centers, libraries, or job training programs may have staff who can help you navigate the process.

With millions of people still unemployed, Unemployment offices are very busy. At this stage I recommend you visit your nearest unemployment office and speak with a counselor and have him/her reset your pin. You have wasted a lot of time calling, you need to visit the office.


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