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Making $400.00 a MONTH how much unemployment income would I receive?

Q) I have given my two weeks notice at a job I have been employed at for 6 months. The reason is that the promises they made me when they offered me the position never metricized. The workplace conditions are intolerable (14 other employees have either quit or walked off the job since I have been there) and the Corporation is being striped of its Choice membership privileges because there are been so many customer complaints and they did not pass recent inspection. My questions are:
1) Under these circumstance and my leaving on my own accord am I still eligible for unemployment?
2) If I was only making $400.00 a MONTH at the time I left how much monthly employment income would I receive? (I was hired as a full time employee and because of company problems and deficiencies in procedure and policies I was cut back to part time status).
3) Does my past employer have to approve my unemployment request?
I have tried speaking to someone via phone, but the lines are always busy and I am thrown out of que.
I would appreciate it if someone could either call me at:(2**9)9********* or e-mail back the answers.
Thank you for taking the time
Katherine C***********

A) Please visit your state unemployment office website and view your state unemployment benefit requirements. You can also view the BENEFIT CALCULATOR to see how much possible unemployment insurance benefits you can qualify for in your state.

General requirement for unemployment insurance benefits:

  • Have received enough wages during the base period to establish a claim.
  • Be totally or partially unemployed.
  • Be unemployed through no fault of his/her own.
  • Be physically able to work.
  • Be available for work which means to be ready and willing to immediately accept work.
  • Be actively looking for work.
  • Meet eligibility requirements each week benefits are claimed.
  • Be approved for training before training benefits can be paid.

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  1. Hello.

    My company is currently hiring and I was wondering how I may go about sending a job posting.

    We are looking for staff with reliable vehicles that can hold 3 individuals with developmental disabilities. They must pass a DOJ background check with Community Care Licensing. We teach life skills, vocational skills, communication, money management, socialization in a completely community based setting. We pay $12/hour and offer a mileage reimbursement of 53 cents /mile that one of our individuals are in the vehicle. Our greatest needs are in Temecula, Murrieta and Menifee; however if a person is willing to work at any of those locations we can get them started. After background checks are completed the staff attend 4 days of paid training in Rancho Cucamonga at our state office followed by a day to familiarize themselves with our program before heading into the field with their individuals for field training.

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    Many thanks,

    Jennie Hurley
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