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  1. I need help and can’t get an appointment, or anyone on the phone. I was approved for benefits and I received the first check. I haven’t received one since. I request my benefits as it shows what can I do to get my benefits.

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  1. I lost my password to the ides I cant retrieve it for nothing and thers knowone to talk to I go into a revolving door web to phone

  2. Hi
    I signed up for unemployment and was accepted. Here’s the problem. I couldn’t find the the vouchers. I ended up refilling a claim. The first one claim and the 2nd claim were a bit different I think because of the quarters. But the same amount weekly. I have looked all over to find the vouchers. When I filed the 1st time it said they would “send” the results of acceptance or denial. I am 70 yes old, so I’ve been checking the mailbox outside daily. Then I found out send meant computer downloads. In my day send meant outside ,mail box. So I have not been able to file any vouchers. My phone number is 2*0-229-0**6. I could certainly appreciate some help.

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