Is it possible to set up a payment plan for overpayment of unemployment checks

unemployed_personQ) my sons payroll checks are being garnished due to overpayment of unemployment checks…is it possible to set up a payment plan for the remainder owed. He is a single father and is having a hard time making his rent each month and gas expenses to and from work..can anything be done?

A) Yes, it is possible to set up a payment plan to repay the overpayment of unemployment benefits. Your son should contact the agency that issued the overpayment to discuss his options for repayment. Some states may allow for a payment plan, while others may require the full amount to be repaid immediately.

It’s important for your son to communicate with the agency as soon as possible to avoid further collection actions, such as wage garnishment or withholding of tax refunds. He may also be able to request a waiver or reduction of the overpayment amount, depending on the circumstances.

Your son can also seek assistance from a legal aid organization or a financial counseling service to help navigate the process and explore his options for repayment.

Please have your son visit you nearest Unemployment office and speak with a counselor regarding the possibility of a payment plan.

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