How many weeks do I need to work to be eligible for unemployment benefits in the state of alabama

unemployed_personA) In Alabama, the eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits include both monetary and non-monetary requirements.

For the monetary requirements, you must have earned enough wages in your base period to qualify for benefits. In Alabama, the base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before the quarter in which you file your claim.

To be eligible for benefits in Alabama, you must have:

  • Earned at least $1,200 in your highest-earning quarter of your base period, and
  • Earned at least 1.5 times your earnings in your highest-earning quarter during the entire base period.

For the non-monetary requirements, you must meet other eligibility criteria, such as being able and available to work and actively seeking work while receiving benefits. Additionally, you must have become unemployed through no fault of your own.

In terms of the length of time you need to have worked to be eligible for benefits, there is no specific requirement in Alabama. However, because eligibility is based on your earnings during the base period, the more you worked and earned during that period, the more likely you are to be eligible for benefits.

If you meet the monetary and non-monetary eligibility requirements in Alabama, you may be eligible for up to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. However, the exact amount and duration of your benefits may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

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