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I was verbally threatened with bodily harm, I cannot go back. What would I have to do to collect unemployment?

Q) I was verbally threatened with bodily harm at my work place. I have worked there for almost 13 years. I know feel a tremendous amount of anxiety from it and feel like I cannot go back to work there. My boss does not to seem like he cares much, so that adds to the anxiety. What would I have to do to collect unemployment? I am using my vacation time right now. I am searching for employment. But so far I have not been offered any positions.

A) Usually if you voluntarily leave your job you are unentitled to unemployment benefits. However if you had to quit because of a hostile work environment, this is considered Constructive Discharge. In this situation you can apply for unemployment benefits due to Constructive Discharge. Sometimes your employer may want to drive you to quit by allowing the difficult hostile environment to continue so you are forced to quit. Sometimes your boss may even knew you were being subjected to difficult hostile experience and refuse to do anything about it. In such a situation you may be forced to resign. This is considered a hostile work environment and is grounds for a constructive discharge claim in qualifying for unemployment benefits.

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  1. I have not worked in nine years. I keep getting letters from Michigan Dept of Labor saying they are offering me more unemployment money, You can’t go to their office, it seems to be closed, you can’t talk to anyone on the phone, you just get a recording telling you to go online and appeal to get more benefits.
    I mailed in and emailed in and faxed in fraud reports, I get back a nice letter telling me how to file to get more benefits.
    Now I get a 1099 for $5,500.00 that I am supposed to pay tax on.
    So I sent another fraud report and today I get a letter from them saying I am approved for more benefits and how to appeal their decision and try to get een more benefits.
    I have received no money from them, I asked where they were sending the money, no reply. They have my address to send me info on getting more benefits, so where are they sending the money?
    China? Russia? This is pure insanity.

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