I was laid off due to Civid-19. I filed a claim, I received document showing no benefits.

Q) I was laid off due to Civid-19. I am a waiter. I filed a claim and I received a document in the mail showing no benefits. I have proof of income from Oct 2018-Dec 2019. Do I need to bring proof to my local office or can I mail it?

A) You can mail your proof of income to your local unemployment office. Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. Gather your proof of income. This can include your W-2 forms, pay stubs, or tax returns.
  2. Make sure your documents are clear and legible.
  3. Write a cover letter explaining why you are submitting your documents.
  4. Address your envelope to your local unemployment office.
  5. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for your documents to be returned.

You can also upload your proof of income to your online unemployment account. The process for doing this will vary depending on your state’s unemployment website.

Once you have submitted your proof of income, the unemployment office will review it and determine if you are eligible for benefits. If you are approved, you will start receiving benefits within a few weeks.

Here are some additional tips for submitting your proof of income:

  • Make sure to submit your documents as soon as possible. The sooner you submit your documents, the sooner you will be able to start receiving benefits.
  • Keep a copy of your documents for your records.
  • If you have any questions, contact your local unemployment office.

In order to file for unemployment benefit you are required to provide proof of last income. Examples of income may include – recent pay stubs and other wage records, such as the W-2 form on which your employer reports your income to the Internal Revenue Service. You will also need to provide your Social Security card, or another document that shows your Social Security number.

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