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I received unemployment from the middle of June to the middle of August

I received unemployment from the middle of June to the middle of August when I was unemployed from a local school district. I do not get paid in the summer because I am a ED TECH III. When I went to apply for LIHEAP I was denied because they cannot use my bank statement for proof of the money. I did not write down my ID or Password to check in every week because it was stored in the computer. Coffee got into that computer, everything was saved but the passwords and ID;s that were stored in it. I can not get in contact with the DOL because they have a message that states “All our representatives are busy call back later”. I have been doing this at different times and different days since I was first notified about my LIHEAP. I need someone to get through to them and get my ID and Password. I really need LIHEAP. I am 74 years old and in addition to my income, my Social Security is only $600 a month.

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  1. I last received payment at the end of July suddenly my Bacon entries when blank. All I could do is apply to the Action Items which had me send proof of my Drivers License, did that. Then another proof of ID appeared in the Action Items in which I sent my Birth Certificate. In this process I get a letter from Bank of America stating that the Debit Card issued by Maryland Unemployment had a fraud flag and put a hold on it and to call them to verify that it’s my card, did that. After verification that “yes” it’s mine but indicated I haven’t use it in about two months since Maryland Unemployment issued to either have it sent by check or direct deposit. The representative told me now that we have determine it’s you the address, birthday, ss number all match-up you now have to call Maryland Unemployment to get approval to free-up your Debit Card. I have been getting payments by checks so I don’t see how that’s relevant not unless they’re going back to the Debit Card. You see that’s where I believe the problem is. I had a hell of a time to get someone live and when I finally did they tell me I would have to set up an appointment at Maryland Unemployment to talk to someone live. Problem with that, the earliest to set up an appointment is November 16. I’m not sure but doesn’t the program end in either September or October Wow just wow, I am already missing four payments I will have to wait until November to hopefully receive the missing payments and that’s only if the program is still up?? ‍♂️

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