I need help to delete an old unemployment benefit account that I being used in the past

Q) I need help to delete an old unemployment benefit account that I being used in the past with an email I have no more access to it and any account related to that email I need to be removed as now I have an account with ID.me I would like to claim a benefits with that email, every time I login with the new email it says that that email is already used to verify another account, and if I have a double account, please delete the one with the old email as I no longer have access to that email.

A) I understand that you’re facing issues with your unemployment benefit account and need assistance in deleting the old account associated with an email address you no longer have access to. However, please note that I don’t have the capability to directly access or delete personal accounts.

To resolve this issue, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Contact the unemployment office: Reach out to the unemployment office or the relevant agency responsible for managing unemployment benefits in your jurisdiction. Explain the situation and inform them about the old account associated with the email address you can no longer access. They will guide you on the necessary steps to resolve the issue, which may include account deletion or merging.
  2. Provide necessary information: Prepare any documentation or information that can help verify your identity and ownership of the new email address. This may include your identification documents, Social Security number, and any previous account information you have.
  3. Follow their instructions: Follow the instructions provided by the unemployment office or agency to resolve the account issue. They may ask you to fill out specific forms, provide additional information, or go through an identity verification process.
  4. Seek technical support: If you encounter technical difficulties during the process, such as being unable to log in or encountering errors on the website, consider reaching out to the technical support team of the unemployment office. They can assist you with any technical issues you’re facing while trying to resolve the account problem.

Remember, the specific steps and procedures may vary depending on your location and the unemployment office’s policies. It’s crucial to contact the appropriate authorities directly to ensure that you receive accurate guidance and support in resolving the issue with your unemployment benefit account.

I wish you the best of luck in resolving this matter and successfully claiming your benefits with the new email address.

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