I have tried every day to speak to someone over the phone and always get the same message.

Q) I am not sure if this is the right place to email. But I am getting desperate. (please help me any way you can)

I have applied for unemployment back in the beginning of June. I have been trying to collect unemployment for the week of May 31st, Week of June 7th and partial for the week of June 14th, as I started a new job on the 17th of June.

Once I received a claim number it would only let me enter in for the week of June14th. Since then I have tried every day (Multiple times each day) to speak to someone over the phone and always get the same message. “Do to overwhelming calls we can not handle you call right now.” Then they disconnect. To make it worse I received an email saying that they locked my account because of suspected fraud and that I had to go online and reverify my identity. (I have done this 3 times and it is still locked.)

I need help or a suggestion on what I can do. I know being out of work for only a few weeks does not sound like much but as my wife is a school teacher and does not receive pay during the summer just made it worse. I have a rent payment that is do and I need the unemployment money to pay it.

Any suggestions would be great.
Thank you

A) After making so many calls to your local Unemployment office with no response you may want to now visit your local office and request assistance.

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