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I filed for Unemployment Benefits at the beginning of April

I filed for Unemployment Benefits at the beginning of April 2020 like many others in GA. I have been approved because online it no longer says pending and list my weekly benefit amount. This is what it has been saying for months. I call my local career center daily and email them on them just as often and have yet to get a response. I have also contacted the state branch in Atlanta just as much. No response. I have 3 kids and we are struggling to say the least. Since my Augusta, GA, career center is closed due to Coronavirus I have no where else to turn. The fact that I have not received any response to my constant emails and phone calls is very disheartening. I am desperate to get answers, but I guess they no one in the GA DOL has time to respond to me.

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  1. I can’t get through on the phone the lady I was emailing just stopped answering won’t even answer to say she can’t help and that all I asked so I can find someone who call but she would rather just ignore my emails and phone calls and I emailed her everyday since July 9 when she was supposed to get back to me and the retest she claims she did

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