I have not been able to get through to unemployment.

Q) I have not been able to get through to unemployment. I filled on October 7th. I have not received anything from unemployment, there for I have not been able to file my weeks not having the tools explained to me when I filled. I moved from walnut Lane lansdale pa to lower state road, north Wales, but the post office has not forwarded my mail after many attempts to follow up. It seems that our government has not and still not taking care the working class people. So my experience has been unsuccessful in every attempt. The unemployment office wont answer phones and going there they wont allow you to enter, even though people are there.

A) I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having difficulties with your unemployment claim. Unfortunately, many people have been experiencing similar issues due to the high volume of claims filed during the pandemic. Have you tried contacting your local PA CareerLink office? They may be able to provide additional resources and assistance with your claim. Additionally, you can try reaching out to your state representative or senator for help with your claim. They may have contacts within the unemployment office that can help expedite your claim.

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