I have major problems with unemployment PUA

Good day, Dear Sir or Madame, my name is Anthony E***h M****h. I have major problems with unemployment PUA. I have been certifying every week since March 14. I was approved on May 1, 2020. I need help! I currently have been waiting since March 8th. I am now on week 23 with no success. I need help. It’s like I am lost in the system. I can see my certifications but no money or response. They won’t answer the phone or email. I am at the end please can someone call them and make them call me. I would appreciate any assistance. My family is in a dire situation. I have called the office for months and email to no success. I would appreciate any help. I have grandchildren to feed. I try not to get frustrated, angry or worry but it’s very difficult when you don’t have support. I have written both senators of Georgia “Perdue & Kelley” Mr Ed Harbison, labor Commissioner Mr Butler, White House and Mr Calvin Smyre but no success. I really don’t know what to do all who emailed be back tell me they given my information to the Georgia department of Labor and someone will call but again nothing. I just need someone to work on my behalf. I was given a Sherita Crayton but she told me she don’t Handel PUA cases. I don’t understand if you work there why not give my case to someone who does PUA. This just hurts. I appreciate any help in advance

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