I certified a day late for weekly unemployment, what happens next?

unemployed_personQ) I have been filing weekly unemployment every Sunday. Yesterday, Sunday 4/27/14 there was a severe tornado that came through Baxter Springs. I have family members who were severely affected by the tornado & in the excitement I completely forgot to file for my weekly benefits yesterday. As soon as I remembered, I jumped out of bed and filed online right away, but I cant seam to get ANYONE on the phone who can assist me with this question: What happens if you accidentally forget to file on Sunday but file on Monday morning? Any assistance or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…~L. D.

A) If you certified for weekly unemployment benefits a day late, it is possible that your benefits may be delayed or denied for that week. Each state has its own specific rules and policies regarding unemployment benefits, so it’s best to contact your state’s unemployment office to get more information about how a late certification may affect your benefits.

In some cases, if you have a valid reason for missing the deadline, such as a medical emergency or a natural disaster, you may be able to request an exception or a waiver of the deadline. However, this is typically granted only in limited circumstances, and you will need to provide documentation to support your request.

It’s important to keep in mind that timely certification is a key requirement for receiving unemployment benefits, so it’s best to make sure you understand the certification process and deadlines in your state and to try to certify on time each week to avoid any potential issues with your benefits.

If you have filed a day late for the week you were due unemployment benefits – depending on the date filed you may still get your check on a regular schedule or you may have a delay in getting your check. You will need to call your local unemployment office for clarification.


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