I certified a day late for weekly unemployment, what happens next?

unemployed_personQ) I have been filing weekly unemployment every Sunday. Yesterday, Sunday 4/27/14 there was a severe tornado that came through Baxter Springs. I have family members who were severely affected by the tornado & in the excitement I completely forgot to file for my weekly benefits yesterday. As soon as I remembered, I jumped out of bed and filed online right away, but I cant seam to get ANYONE on the phone who can assist me with this question: What happens if you accidentally forget to file on Sunday but file on Monday morning? Any assistance or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…~L. D.

A) If you have filed a day late for the week you were due unemployment benefits – depending on the date filed you may still get your check on a regular schedule or you may have a delay in getting your check. You will need to call your local unemployment office for clarification.


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