I applied for unemployment in April and was denied.

Q) I applied for unemployment in April and was denied. I left my job due to covid 19..My kids school shut down and i had to stay home with them…I am their sole provider. But because in the chaos and uncertainty of covid ( it was just making it’s way to my area) I failed to leave my job correctly. I did not separate with just cause. I thought Covid was reason enough and schools shutting down.. But I guess i didn’t follow policy and procedure. I have not worked since march 17. I did not appeal my denial because i figured it was a moot point. However, i am still without a job, and my kids are doing online virtual school and i am having to stay home with them still. I have no one to keep them during the day. My county is a ” hot spot”. Numbers keep climbing and my kids are scared to death of getting sick. I have applied at a couple of schools but no luck…they are anticipating a possible shut down again. Here’s my question, can i reapply or appeal it? I need some help!

A) If you were denied unemployment benefits due to not following the proper procedures for leaving your job, it is possible that you may not be eligible for benefits. However, given your circumstances related to COVID-19 and the closure of your children’s school, you may still be eligible for benefits under certain circumstances.

You may want to consider appealing the denial of benefits, especially if you can provide additional information or documentation to support your claim that your job loss was related to COVID-19 and your responsibilities as a caregiver. You may also want to consult with an unemployment benefits lawyer or seek assistance from your state’s unemployment office to determine if there are any other options available to you.

In addition, you may want to explore other forms of financial assistance, such as grants or loans, that may be available to help you during this difficult time. Your state or local government may have programs available, or you may be able to find assistance from non-profit organizations or charities in your area.

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