I am working with a client who is applying for TANF assistance. He is currently homeless and his unemployment benefits ran out. He needs a letter stating that his benefits have ended and the effective date. He went to the local office and was provided a transcript of the payments which the DCFS worker stated was not sufficient. Where can he get a letter that details that his unemployment benefits have ended at this time?

A) Your client can get a letter stating that his unemployment benefits have ended from the state agency that administers unemployment benefits in his state. The name of this agency will vary from state to state. For example, in California, it is the Employment Development Department (EDD). In New York, it is the Department of Labor (DOL).

To request a letter from the unemployment benefits agency, your client will need to provide the following information:

  • His name
  • His social security number
  • His date of birth
  • His claim number
  • The date his benefits ended

He can request the letter by mail, fax, or email. The contact information for the unemployment benefits agency should be available on their website or by calling their customer service line.

Here are the steps on how to request a letter from the unemployment benefits agency:

  1. Go to the website of the unemployment benefits agency in your client’s state.
  2. Find the contact information for the agency.
  3. Email or mail the agency a letter requesting a letter stating that your client’s unemployment benefits have ended.
  4. Include the following information in your letter:
    • Your client’s name
    • Your client’s social security number
    • Your client’s date of birth
    • Your client’s claim number
    • The date your client’s benefits ended
  5. Sign and date your letter.

The unemployment benefits agency will typically send the letter within a few weeks.

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