My hours have been cut, my company is going to shut down

unemployed_personQ) My hours have been cut to 30..I realize I can claim for the difference, but my company is going to shut down very soon, should I wait and not use my weeks on the lower amount

A) If you are currently employed and your hours have been reduced, you may be eligible for partial unemployment benefits to make up for the difference in your wages. However, if your company is going to shut down soon, you should check with your state’s unemployment agency to see if you are eligible for regular unemployment benefits. If you are eligible, it may be best to wait until your company officially shuts down before filing for unemployment to maximize the amount of benefits you can receive. Keep in mind that each state has different rules and requirements for unemployment benefits, so it’s important to contact your state’s unemployment agency for specific guidance.

It also depends on your situation. If you are struggling to make ends meet with your current income, you may want to file for unemployment benefits now. You can always file for additional benefits if your hours are cut further or if your company shuts down completely.

However, if you are not struggling financially and you think you may be able to find a new job soon, you may want to wait to file for unemployment benefits. This will save you some of your benefits for when you are truly unemployed.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to file for unemployment benefits is up to you. You should weigh your options and decide what is best for your individual situation.

You have a choice of applying for unemployment Insurance benefits to cover the difference of your lower wages now or wait until you are out of a job. The advantage of getting the benefits now is that it would enable you to not have a gap in weekly benefits when you are out of work.

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