Find your local unemployment office here! Not a government website

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  1. No. You will need to apply for an extension to your unemployment benefits in the sate that issued your original claim.

    Applying for Extended Compensation
    Contact your state’s Department of Labor. Since laws are different from state to state, the process of applying for an extension will depend on what state you live in.
    Fill out all the necessary paperwork.
    Wait for an approval to come in the mail.
    Continue looking for work.

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  1. Apparently the UE office in Asheboro, NC had moved yet they have not updated their new address on this website. Apparently they close at 12pm each Wednesday but I don’t see that info anywhere either. A local police officer tried helping me find the office today and he too did not know it moved or where to. He was kind enough to call someone and get the new address for me. I am unable to find a website for them as well. I am an employer attempting to contact them to discuss employment opportunities.

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