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Disaster Unemployment Assistance

unemployed_personQuestion: What is Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA)?

Answer: Disaster Unemployment Assistance provides financial assistance to individuals whose employment or self-employment has been lost or interrupted as a direct result of a major disaster declared by the President of the United states. Before an individual can be determined eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance, it must be established that the individual is not eligible for regular unemployment insurance benefits (under any state or federal law). The program is administered by states as agents of the federal government.


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  1. I applied for unemployment from July 2014 thru November 2014 and was approved and the lady told me I had a lot of money waiting and said I had to wait on my card which never came but because I 2as employed by the state I guess they were putting it on the old card but I went in and reactivated the card and was told because I did that it wiped my unemployment and I don’t get it and have to start where I was…that is a bunch of bull. I am entitled to that money and I need it, I still can’t get on my feet.

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