Currently on unemployment – company want me to work 1 week $3000.

unemployed_personQ) I am currently on unemployment. It was calculated on $10,000 per month previous income. 2 Questions. First, I have a company that might want me to work 1 week per month for $3000. How would I claim unemployment for the other 3 weeks? Second, if this stopped in a few months, would my unemployment be calculated on the $3000 or the $10,000 amount?

A) If you are currently receiving unemployment benefits and your previous employer has offered you a temporary job for one week at $3,000, you should report the income to your state’s unemployment agency.

In general, when you receive unemployment benefits, you are required to report any income you earn while receiving those benefits. This includes temporary or part-time work. Depending on the laws in your state, you may be allowed to earn a certain amount of income without affecting your unemployment benefits. However, if you earn more than the allowable amount, your unemployment benefits may be reduced or suspended.

It’s important to be transparent and truthful about your income while receiving unemployment benefits to avoid potential penalties or legal issues. You should contact your state’s unemployment agency to determine how your temporary work will affect your benefits and what you need to do to report the income.

When on weekly unemployment benefits you are required to certify each weak in order to claim benefits. Be sure to state earnings for the week worked, then continue to claim benefits for the week you are out of work. Please note that if your earn $3000 for one week, depending on your state entitlement you may out earn your allotted benefits for the following week; or weeks.

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