Florida tells unemployed workers to file for benefits using paper.

Florida tells unemployed workers to file for benefits using paper as electronic systems stagger
Overwhelmed by a crush of newly jobless residents trying to file for unemployment benefits online or over the phone, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity rolled out a new option Tuesday — a paper application.

The move stems from an executive order issued last week by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, which directed the agency to “take all necessary actions” to improve access to the unemployment benefits program amid a historic spike in joblessness due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It also comes a week after DeSantis changed his mind and issued a stay-at-home order, joining dozens of other states trying to stem the spread of the disease.

Many states are contending with skyrocketing numbers of unemployed residents as businesses lay off or furlough their workers after being forced to shut their doors. State agencies, including Florida’s, are upgrading their servers and adding call center staff to bolster capacity. https://www.wbap.com/news/florida-tells-unemployed-workers-to-file-for-benefits-using-paper-as-electronic-systems-stagger/

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