My experience at Los Angeles CA unemployment office – gail

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): gail magee
Your Experience: GOOd facility, convient for me to get to. Able to meet new people. Able to learn how to use computer. and find jobs.Clse to public transportation., and in walking distant. I was able to teach my grand children how too look for jobs. Eddie was very nice person to work with. It should be open back up for the public., and for the neighborhood. no waiting time @ all. always avaiable, near my resident. convient able TO get too. Employers were good  and willig to work. we need that office open in our area. 6200 s. broadway la CA 90003.., AND WALKING DISTANT CLOSE TO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.NO  WAITING TIME @ ALL. uSE FACILITY TO HELP  my grandchildREN to find jobs.,able to learn how to use  computer. Eddie wAS THE OFFICE PERSON THERE. open IT BACK UP.
Your Unemployment Office City: Los Angeles
Your Unemployment Office State: CA
Your Wait Time: 0

Time: July 14, 2015 at 5:32 pm

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