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Worried that if a job is offered, I am unable to do it, my unemployment will be cut off.

unemployed_personQ) I have recently signed up for unemployment. While signing up I was asked if I had a disability. The appropriate question was not offered for me to answer concerning this. A few years ago I was on disability for my back. Tennessee took several people off disability and I was one of them. I have been working as a security guard for 7 yrs and was laid off. This is the only kind of work that I am able to do and I am worried that if a job is offered to me and I am unable to do it, my unemployment will be cut off.I want to work, but this is the only type of work that I am able to do. Also I am a veteran,but when signing up on line,the question “Are you a veteran” was not offered,so I had to click that I was not a veteran. I didn’t know what else to do. I go to the VA hospital for my medical care and my doctor has said that I am disabled. I even have have a disabled tag on my vehicle. Please respond as soon as possible because I am very concerned. Thank you.

A) Recommend that you visit your nearest unemployment office and speak with a counselor regarding your situation. The options that you seek on line perhaps are not being found because of the uniqueness of your situation. Remember to bring with you your disability diagnosis from the VA hospital.

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  1. I’ve been calling for weeks to try to get some help with my PIN number being suspended and my account being locked! Cannot get through on the phone and I have left several messages and still haven’t heard anything! I can’t even get my benefits for this week cause of my account!

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Unemployment Office Tips:

Tips to help you when visiting your local Unemployment Office:

  • Show Up Early: Your local unemployment office can sometimes be crowded. You must understand that there are a lot of people currently looking for work. So you will find a lot of people filing for benefits.
  • Be prepared to wait: With lots of people at your local unemployment office, if you are late you will have to wait. The best way to avoid the long lines is to get to the office early.
  • Be prepared with your Documents: If you are applying for unemployment benefits be sure to take with you all necessary information such as a job release letter, date of last employment and name of the company.
  • Have a Cool Head: With lots of people at your local unemployment office waiting to be seen it’s easy to get frustrated and loose you cool. Remember that counselors are there to assist you. Keeping a cool head and being courteous will help speed the process along.

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