Wisconsin Rapids WI Unemployment Career Center Office

Wisconsin Rapids Job Center – Wood County

Wisconsin Rapids Job Center
320 W Grand Ave., Suite 102
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
Telephone: (715) 422-5000
Resume Assistance,
Job Seeker Resource Rooms
Computer Access & Staff Assistance
Job Seekers Workshops
Interview Techniques

The Wisconsin Rapids WI Unemployment Career Center Office is a local branch of the Wisconsin Job Center that provides job services, training and employment assistance to people looking for work, as well as unemployment benefits to those who are eligible. The office is located at 320 W Grand Ave Ste 102, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 54495. You can call them at (715) 422-5000 or email them at jspencer@ncwwdb.org. The office is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. You can also visit their website here for more information and resources.

To apply for unemployment benefits, you need to contact the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development at (608) 266-3131 or use their secure email form. You will need to provide your Social Security Number, the name and contact information of your last employer, the last day you worked, and any other relevant information. You will also need to verify your identity with an Identity Verification Service using one of the following documents: Driver’s License, State ID, Passport Card or Passport.

You will be required to certify your eligibility for each week of unemployment and report any income or work activities. You can receive benefits for up to 26 weeks during your benefit year, depending on your base period earnings and the maximum allowed by Wisconsin statutes⁴. The maximum weekly benefit amount as of July 2, 2023, is $595 and the minimum weekly benefit is $43.

How do I qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits in Wisconsin?

To qualify for WI UI benefits you must:

  • Have earned sufficient wages 12 to 18 months prior to filing.
  • Have lost your job through no fault of your own
  • Be able to and available for work (mentally and physically).
  • Be Legally authorized to work 
  • Be available to accept new work

What information do I need to apply for WI Unemployment insurance benefits?

To apply for WI UI benefits you will need to provide:

  • For filing online, a username and password.
  • Your current address
  • A valid email or phone number
  • Your social security number
  • Your WI driver license or ID number
  • Your work history for the last 18 months with employer information
  • The first and last dates of work with each employer.
  • The separation reason for leaving each employer.
  • If not a U.S. citizen, your alien registration number, document number and expiration date.
  • If you served in the military in the last 18 months, Form DD-214 (Member 4 copy).
  • Form SF-50 or SF-8, if you are a federal civilian employee
  • If union member, the name and local number of your union hall

How do I file for Unemployment Insurance benefits in WI?

Filing for WI UI benefits:

What is the Maximum UI benefit I can receive in WI?

  • You can get from $54, to a maximum of $363 weekly in WI unemployment insurance benefits. 
  • Wisconsin will provide up to 26 weeks in UI benefits. 

What services are available to help me get employed while getting WI UI benefits?

Wisconsin Directory of Workforce Services has many local Job Centers which provides re-employment services such as: 

  • Virtual Workshops
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Career Exploration
  • Re-employment Services
  • Labor Market Information
  • Resources for Employers and Job Seekers
  • Job Seeker Resource Rooms
  • Computer Access and Staff Assistance
  • Job Seekers Workshops
  • Resume Assistance,
  • Interview Techniques
  • Work Search Skills
  • Technical Assistance and
  • Liaison Services to Employers and Job Seekers
  • Recruitment and Workforce Retention Planning

How can I contact Wisconsin Directory of Workforce Services? 

DWD Contact Information

201 E. Washington Ave
P.O. Box 7946
Madison, WI 53707
(608) 266-3131

Phone: (888) 258-9966
Email: JobCenterofWisconsin@dwd.wi.gov

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 

 Email: dvr@dwd.wisconsin.gov
 Phone: (715) 392-7896
 Website: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Veteran Employment Representative: 

 Email: Thomas.Casey@dwd.wisconsin.gov
 Phone: (715) 817-5925
 Website: Wisc Jobs for Vets

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