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What should I take with me to the unemployment office?

unemployed_personQ) I’m about to start my job search. What should I take with me to the unemployment office?

A) You can bring to the unemployment office a list of jobs for which you have applied along with your termination letter from your last job if you have one.

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  1. I was self self-employed got covid work for my father missed a few days he had a bad day and fired me what am I to do about getting unemployment I have worked before as a butcher at a grocery store will that count towards my unemployment and what kind of benefits can I get if I’m self-employed my rent is $500 a month and my bills run anywhere between 2 and 250 a month I have a part time job making 850 an hour and my bills are going to and I only work maybe 15 20 hours a week my boss has dialysis three days a week

  2. If you were self-employed and seeking unemployment benefits during the pandemic, you will need to file your claim with your state unemployment office. you will need to file in the state where you worked while self employed.

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  1. Similar experience, but I was in person. The security guard was super rude! I asked her if I was in the right place, and she rudely replied, “you’ll need to talk to her!” I made several attempts to ask if I was simply in the correct building, but she kept repeating the same thing. I asked her name, but she would not give it to me. Then a black man with a speech impediment walks over and tells me that I cannot take pictures with my cell phone after I took her picture. I asked to see the policy, but he did not produce one. Instead he pointed to a sign on the wall that read, “please silence your electronic devices.” I was very upset by this point, and I left. They are miserable people, and I praise God that I never have to see them again!

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