West Virginia Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility_RequirementsWest Virginia Unemployment Benefit ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS
To be monetarily eligible to receive unemployment benefits you must have earned $2200 gross wages in covered employment during two or more calendar quarters of your regular base period (first four of the last five completed calendar quarters) or alternative base period (the last four quarters immediately preceding the first day of the individual’s benefit year).

West Virginia Unemployment Benefit ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS – OTHER

If you are unemployed, you shall be eligible to receive benefits only if: ™ You have made a claim for benefits at a local unemployment office. ™

  •  You have registered for work with the Job Service Office and continue to report as directed.
  • ™ You are able to work and available for full-time work for which you are fitted by prior training or experience.
  • ™ You are doing what a reasonable prudent person in your situation would do to find work.
  • ™ You have filed for and served a waiting period of one week during your benefit year.
  • ™ You have earned gross wages of less than your weekly benefit amount plus $60 during the week for which you claim benefits.
  • ™ You re-qualify on a new claim when you had a previous benefit year (must have earned eight times your old weekly benefit amount in covered employment after the beginning of your previous claim). read more
West Virginia Unemployment Insurance Compensation
Unemployment Insurance Compensation (UIC) is designed to provide benefits to eligible persons who are temporarily unemployed through no fault of their own, and who would be employed full-time if suitable jobs were available.

West Virginia Unemployment Insurance Claim Requirements.

  1. You must be either totally or partially unemployed as defined in the law.
  2. You must have sufficient wages in employment covered by a state or federal unemployment compensation law.
  3. You must be able to work and available for full-time work.
West Virginia Benefit Year
A benefit year is the 52-week period during which unemployment benefits are available to you. NOTE: Benefit years that begin on the first day of a calendar quarter run fifty-three (53) weeks.
West Virginia Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefit Amount
Your weekly benefit amount is based on the total covered wages you were paid during your BASE PERIOD. Your base period is a twelve-month period that is determined by the beginning date of your new claim. To establish a benefit year, you must have sufficient covered wages to be MONETARILY ELIGIBLE. During your base period, you must have been paid wages of at least $2,200 in covered employment. In addition, you must have been paid wages in at least two quarters of your base period.

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