Roofing company looking to hire a military vet for a project manager.

unemployed_personQ) We are a roofing company that is looking to hire a military vet for a project manager. Who or where would I contact someone.

A) There are many organizations that focus on helping veterans find employment, such as Hire Heroes USA,, and the Veterans Job Exchange. These organizations can connect you with qualified candidates and provide resources and support for hiring veterans. You can also post your job opening on job boards specifically for veterans, such as Veteran Jobs Mission and RecruitMilitary. Additionally, you can reach out to local veteran organizations or workforce development centers to see if they have any programs or resources to help you connect with veterans in your area.

Please call your local unemployment/career center office and enquirer about posting your open positions on their job board. With so many talented vets unemployed I am sure you will quickly find the right persons to fill the positions you have open.

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