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Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility_RequirementsTo claim Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits, you need to have earned enough money during your “base year.” The base year is the first four quarters of the last five completed quarters at the time your claim is filed. The money you made during your base year determines, in part, if you can collect UC and how much you can collect. And, you have to have been working at a job that’s covered by Pennsylvania’s Unemployment Compensation Law.

Unemployment Compensation benefit is for people who lost a job because of something that wasn’t their fault. If you’re out of work because your employer had to make cutbacks, close an office, went out of business or something you couldn’t control, it’s possible that you will be eligible to collect Unemployment Compensation.

If you’re out of work because you quit, you might not be eligible for Unemployment Compensation. If you were fired from your company, you might not be able to collect UC.
Finally, you must be able and ready to return to work (either to your old job or a new one) to claim UC. For claims with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2012 or later, you’ll also have to actively seek work during each week that you claim UC benefits.
Pennsylvania Unemployment Insurance Benefit Eligibility 
  • You must have sufficient qualifying wages and a minimum of 18 credit weeks in your base year.
  • You must have a qualifying separation, must be able and available to accept suitable work and not refuse work when offered.
Claims for unemployment benefits
In Pennsylvania Claims for unemployment benefits are based on a calendar week; from Sunday through Saturday. Your earnings and your eligibility status during each claim week determines whether you are eligible for benefits for that week and the amount of benefits payable to you. Generally, claims for unemployment benefits are filed on a biweekly basis read more

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