My experience at Brookylyn NY unemployment office – 250 Schermerhorn ST

Your Experience: Every time I call the local Brooklyn office (250 Schermerhorn street) the ***** woman on the phone is  beyond rude, and does not answer any questions and hangs up the phone on me. They send mail to the wrong address and withhold  payments, then with great satisfaction tell me that my weekly benefits won’t be released for at least 7 weeks because I did not show up for a meeting that I did not know about BECAUSE they sent a letter to the WRONG ADDRESS (which I would not even have known about unless I had called the general claims center (which unfortunately is not related to the local workforce office)
There are people out there who are looking for jobs, who want to work (Duh,.. Unemployment Center), can’t you place someone in the office who likes their job  and can treat the people coming in (who obviously are facing hard times)  with a shred of decency?
Your Unemployment Office City: Brookylyn (250 Schermerhorn)
Your Unemployment Office State: New York
Your Wait Time: Ridiculous

Time: June 15, 2015 at 10:56 am

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