My experience at Wildwood NJ unemployment office – Anoy

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Anoy
Your Experience: All of your careers counseled need to be re evaated in their job of finding people work. Their are two counslers that need to be fired ASAP If they haven’t already, one being a man named T… who is a drunk and when I went for job he asked me out on a date and stayed” I’m too pretty to be working I I need to find a man to pay my bills. He has no clue how to do his job correctly just telling people what they want to hear and a women by the name of Lauryl who is probably the worst counsler I have ever come across. Not helpful and very ignorant to white people. I was trying to get a job as a CNA so I went through all the steps I was given to be able to get into a class, only to find that the same people that were in my class that were black didn’t have to do the 36 job application or get all there transcript from college and got into a class the next month while my paperwork got “lost”. She is a racist I don’t care what anybody says. They both need to lose their jobs and the have better people in there place
Your Unemployment Office City: Wildwood
Your Unemployment Office State: Nj
Your Wait Time: 3 months

Time: July 18, 2015 at 10:04 am

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