New Hampshire Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for unemployment benefits in New Hampshire, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be totally or partially unemployed. This means that you must have lost your job through no fault of your own, and you are either unable to work at all or are working less than full-time.
  • You must register for work with New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES). This can be done online or at any NHES office.
  • You must be available for work on all shifts customary to your normal occupation. This means that you must be able to work the same hours that you were working before you lost your job.
  • You must be physically and mentally able to work. This means that you must be able to perform the duties of your former job or a similar job.
  • You must search for work. This means that you must be making an active effort to find a new job. This includes contacting potential employers, attending job fairs, and participating in reemployment services.
  • You must file timely claims for benefits. This means that you must file your claim within seven days of your last day of work.
  • You must participate in Re-employment Services if selected by NH Employment Security.
  • You must disclose mandatory child support payments or overpaid food stamp coupons.
  • You must report any refusal of work or referral to work. This means that you must report any job offer that you refuse or any referral to a job that you do not follow up on.

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, you will be able to collect unemployment benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks. The amount of your benefit will be based on your earnings in the base period, which is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters prior to the effective date of your claim. The minimum benefit amount is $32 per week, and the maximum benefit amount is $427 per week.

For more information on eligibility requirements, please visit the New Hampshire Employment Security website or call the Unemployment Hotline at (603) 271-7700.

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