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Moved from out of state to accept a job in Ohio – got fired.

unemployed_personQ) My husband and I moved from out of state to accept a job in Ohio. After 7 weeks, we were terminated. Our work performance was not an issue; the reason we were terminated was ‘because we were not a cultural fit.’

Since we have not worked the 20 weeks to qualify for unemployment, we need to find out if we qualify for anything to help us through this. We lived and worked in Ohio for 25 years, then moved out of state nearly 6 years ago. Is there anything out there that can help us?

A) You may look at applying for unemployment benefits as an out of state candidate. Go on your old state website and apply for unemployment benefits if you have worked the 20 weeks to qualify for unemployment in that state.

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  1. I just want my unemployment money. I’m financially dying and this stupid online filing system wants me to change my ins, give me loans, get me signed up for direct deposit cards but it won’t let me just file for fuckingh unemployment and thats what I want to do. please help me get my benefits.

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