Montana Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements

Montana Unemployment Benefits are allowed if a claimant:

  Is laid off due to lack of work;
  Is laid off at the end of a temporary job;
  Quit for work related reasons, or;
  Is discharged for reasons other than misconduct – To be considered misconduct, the individual must have control over the situation and the behavior must have an adverse affect on the business interests.

Misconduct is an intentional disregard for the interests of the employer.

              Inability to perform the job is not considered misconduct.

Montana Unemployment Insurance benefit eligibility Continued

  • Your wages over the past 12-18 months, and
  • The reason you are unemployed, and
  • Your physical ability and availability to accept work each week and
  • Your work search efforts each week.
  • Verification of citizenship or legal-to-work status if you are not a U.S. citizen.

Montana Unemployment Insurrance benefit Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA) – The maximum amount of benefits potentially available during a benefit year based on the wages earned in the base period of a claim.

Montana Unemployment Insurrance Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) – The maximum amount you may be eligible to receive for one week if you have no reported earnings that week. This amount is located on your Monetary Determination form read more

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