Missouri Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for unemployment benefits in Missouri, you must meet the following requirements:

Earning Requirements

  • Wages during base period: You must have earned at least $2,250 in wages during your base period. At least $1,500 of these wages must have been earned in one of the quarters of your base period, and at least $750 must have been earned in each of the remaining quarters.


  • High-quarter earnings: You must have earned at least $19,500 in wages during two of the four quarters of your base period.

Work Requirements

  • Job separation: You must have lost your job through no fault of your own or quit for good cause related to the work or the employer.
  • Availability for work: You must be able, available, and actively seeking work. This means you must be ready and willing to accept suitable work if offered.
  • Registration: You must register for work at Jobs.mo.gov.

Additional Requirements

  • Claim filing: You must file an unemployment claim within 14 days of your last day of work.
  • Weekly reporting: You must report your earnings and work search activities each week.

Special Provisions

  • Disaster unemployment assistance: If you have been unemployed as a result of a natural disaster, you may be eligible for disaster unemployment assistance (DUA).
  • Military spouse benefits: If you are the spouse of an active-duty military member and you have left your job to relocate with your spouse, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits.

For more information on eligibility requirements, please visit the Missouri Department of Labor website: https://uinteract.labor.mo.gov/

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