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Your Name (Can be Anonymous): my name
Your Experience: Ok, I called the Michigan works office  and the phone was answered by someone that told me that the lady that takes care of unemployment does not take calls or she would have to answer everyones questions and I may as well come in and fill for unemployment. I explained that I am not unemployed at present and I want to know if I could get unemployment just incase.  I worked 28 hour per week last winter and was cut to 22 hours per week this spring and then bumped up some to about 26 hours per week and was recently cut to 23 hours per week.

All I wanted to know is if I can get any unemployment at all…. The company  that I work for has been a family business for 3 generations and  they made some bad business moves and are in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy right now. I am going to be 55 years old in a month and had some foot problems and a few other things. I wanted more hours but most of us had our hours cut. Not just me.  They would give me all of the hours that I want if it was possible. I do what I am told to do and they know I can be counted on.

I will try and call the (906) 482-6916 phone number tomorrow when they are open.  I could not figure out why I would have to fill for unemployment when I am not unemployed yet and was told to do it online anyway by someone who does not even work in the unemployment office section because the lady that works there would have me do it anyway or just go online and file for unemployment anyway, when I am not unemployed. I never asked for figures, money wise. I just asked if I could get anything.

Thank You for your time.
Your Unemployment Office City: Houghton
Your Unemployment Office State: Michigan
Your Wait Time: would not answer their phone 2 weeks ago

Time: November 11, 2014 at 2:28 pm

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